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  • Sun, 13:42: Just finished several Necklaces with metal chains. I like this kind of jewelry maikng! The end results are awesome! New collection!
  • Sun, 13:56: Just watched 3 movies in a row. I need to get a life. At least I got some jewelry made today. There's that!
  • Mon, 04:59: @MamaJune_BooBoo Thanks for the follow! Love the show btw. :)
  • Mon, 05:10: I really need to get back on track with the vegetarian diet thing. It's hard to keep it up when your family doesnt support you... :(
  • Mon, 05:34: http://t.co/9ddmmN6wUI
  • Mon, 09:41: RT @FamousWomen: Talking to your BEST FRIEND is sometimes all the therapy you need...