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starstruck_esq's Journal

22 July 1990
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im 22 years old and i live in Gatineau Quebec. im still in school at the moment and working part time.

i enjoy writing fanfictions i have an account on fanfiction.net under the name of ryro-fanfiction-x3
alfred hitchcock, animals, anton yelchin, architecture, art, art exibitions, art history, art nouveau, arts and crafts movement, astronomy, baking, bon jovi, books, british comedy, bromance, c.s. lewis, canada, captain james t. kirk, chekov/kirk, chekov/mccoy, chekov/sulu, chris pine, christopher eccleston, cinema, clark kent, color, comedy, david tennant, deforest kelley, design, dido, disney, doctor who, doctor/donna, doctor/rose, dr who, drawing, embroidery, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fashion, film, flickr, food, fringe, gaila, gaila appreciation, genealogy, gothic, gq motherfuckers, graphic novels, h.p.lovecraft, harold and kumar, heroes, higher english, higher french, higher history, hikaru sulu, history, horror films, icons, illustration, interior design, internet, interstellar travel, ipod, itunes, jack harkness, jane austen, jason mraz, john cho, karl urban, kirk/chekov, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, leonard mccoy, leonard nimoy, linkin park, literature, little animals, making jewelry, matt smith, mccoy/chekov, mccoy/kirk, movies, museums, music, mythology, new trek, nirvana, oscar wilde, p!nk, painting, paramore, pavel chekov, photography, photoshop, physics, poetry, portraits, posters, puppies, reading, robert downey jr, school, science fiction, screenprinting, sexy vulcans, shakespeare, silence of the lambs, simple plan, slash, smallville, soundtracks, space, spock, spock/kirk, spock/uhura, spork, star trek, star trek 2009, star trek reboot, star trek xi, star trek: tos, superman, superman: the movie, supernatural, swimming, sylar, taylor swift, the chronicles of narnia, the fray, the lonely island, torchwood, traveling, uss enterprise, vampires, vintage, vulcans, werewolves, wolverine, words, writing, writing fanfictions, x-men, youtube, zach quinto, zachary quinto